Clothing company fined €3 million for advertising clothing that “would prevent” being infected by Covid

An Australian clothing company that manufactures sportswear has been fined five million Australian Dollars (equivalent to €3 million) after being found guilty of having advertising its clothing as being suitable to prevent infection from Covid.

The Lorna Jane company maintained it had used LJ Shield technology to produce its clothing that would provide protection from Covid.

However, the Judge presiding the case that had been forwarded before the Australian Commission for Consumers concluded the company had made claims that were untrue.

The company’s Executive Head, Bill Clarkson, said the company was accepting the Judge’s decision but maintained that those who provided the clothing had not done as they had promised.

Last week another Australian company was fined 40,000 Australian Dollars after being found guilty of false advertising.

Lorna Jane was established 30 years ago by Lorna Jane Clarkson, a British woman who had immigrated to Australia with her family when she was still a girl.