“Divided we will fall” – President Vella

President of Malta George Vella has appealed for unity in the country and urged the Maltese and Gozitans to be respectful to one other despite the differences that may exist and will continue to exist between us.

He made this appeal in Naxxar during an annual event, on the Sunday before the feast of Victory Day, in which the Local Council, all Naxxar societies and associations come together to present their donations for the Community Chest Fund to the same President of Malta.

The event takes place at the headquarters of one of the local associations and this year it was held at the Labour Party local centre.

“To come to a political party club, and see the variety of opinions, even of those who do not agree politically with that club, is very gratifying,” said the President.

The President said that it was important to respect one another even if we do not all agree and he praised the Naxxar community for conveying this message.

President Vella criticized today’s tendency of attacking each other online and making allegations in the hope that some mud would stick.

“That’s not politics. We are civilized enough, capable enough, we have enough know-how to act as civilized people. We must not assume that everyone is corrupt or that we are not capable as a nation, that everyone is bought and that strings are being pulled everywhere, all the time. ”

He pointed out that there was an air of toxicity which he called
“sick/ infected”, and that we could no longer work in this environment and warned that this situation was crushing to those who are trying to work with honesty and sincerity to try to bring about unity and to move forward, while also discouraging young people from being interested in being active in politics.

“In our smallness, if we are divided, we lose our strength and fall. Apart from the fact that the more we do not value ourselves, the less we will be respected by outsiders,”said the President.

In Naxxar, the President, who was accompanied by Mrs. Vella and the Chairperson of the Administrative Board of the Community Chest Fund Marlene Mizzi, was welcomed by the local Mayor Anna Marie Muscat Fenech Adami and the President of the Labour Party club, Dominic Chircop.