DJ Facchinetti claims he was assaulted by McGregor for no reason at all

Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti was allegedly punched by the UFC’s Irish fighter, Conor McGregor.

In a number of stories posted on his Instagram profile, Facchinetti said the incident took place during a hotel party in Rome over the weekend, on the occasion of the Film Festival that took place in recent days in the Italian capital city.

The Italian DJ alleged that McGregor punched him after he had been chatting with him for about two hours. He said that as a result of the blow he ended up with nose bleed and swollen lips. He described McGregor as a violent and dangerous man, despite being immensely popular with the four corners of the world.

During the evening, with Facchinetti, among others, there was the Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo, known as Benji. In recent hours, on Instagram, Benji confirmed the version of the facts as stated by the Italian DJ.

He explained, that the assault allegedly took place at around 3am when he and his wife, Bella Thorne, were about to go upstairs to sleep. He said, he was still in shock because he was less than half a metre away from Facchinetti and McGregor. Benji added, that the Irish fighter needs help because he was consumed by drug and drinking addictions.

Meanwhile, Facchinetti said he would take legal action against McGregor and said he was doing his best to obtain footage from the hall’s security cameras where Facchinetti is claiming he was assaulted for no reason at all.
This is not the first time that McGregor got into an argument outside of the boxing ring. Last month he threw a glass at American rapper Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet at the MTV Music Awards.