Mario Mifsud expresses his concerns about his sister and father who live at St Joseph’s home

Mario Mifsud, better known as DJ Banana, has expressed his concerns for his sister who has a disability and his father, both of whom are residents at St Joseph’s home and who are in a wheelchair.

Writing on social media, Mr Mifsud wrote that his sister, who tested positive for Covid-19, had to keep ringing for assistance for a long time to be given something to drink, and his father almost fell of his wheelchair to try and reach her. He said that the employees at this residence cannot cope and are very tired because they are short-staffed.

Over the last few days many of the relatives of those who are at this care home have expressed their concerns about how this situation has developed.

After a resident wrote on social media to reassure relatives that the staff and management are taking care of the residents Dr Brian Farrugia, who manages the geriatric clinic, told TVM that the situation at the home is under control.

Dr Farrugia said that out of the 298 residents at St Joseph’s home, there are more than 100 elderly people who have contracted the virus,  the majority of whom are over 80 years of age.

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