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DNA tests to be carried out on Tumas Fenech’s remains – prisoner alleges he is his son

A Court has ordered that DNA tests are carried out on the remains of Tumas Fenech after a prisoner is maintaining that he is the illegitimate son of Fenech, who had died in 1999.

The Court appointed forensic expert Dr Mario Scerri and Dr Marisa Cassar to examine Fenech’s remains and carry out a DNA test in order to establish if prisoner Victor Buttigieg is Fenech’s son.

Buttigieg had filed a case before the Family Court in 2013, requesting that his father’s name, Tumas Fenech, is written on his birth certificate. He had also requested that DNA tests are carried out.

In recent months, it was mentioned in Court that Fenech’s remains had been removed from his grave.

Buttigieg is currently serving a drugs sentence at the Kordin Correctional Facility. He has been in and out of prison for almost 25 years in connection with theft and drugs sentences.

In 1999, he was imprisoned for eight months on theft, however the sentence was reducted to six months. In 2005, he was again imprisoned for two years on heroin possession, while in 2015 he was jailed for six years, again on heroin possession.