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Do not abandon elderly residents in homes – President Vella

President George Vella, together with Mrs Vella, paid a visit to a home for the elderly in Zejtun where he appealed to families not to abandon their elderly relatives who live in these homes.

Dr Vella was warmly greeted by the elderly residents who have known him since his childhood as well as from when he was their family doctor. Dr Vella urged these elderly people to remain positive and keep themselves occupied so that they do as much as they can in their situation.

The President also appealed to the authorities to honour the elderly, and show them more respect by increasing their pensions because there are elderly people who are struggling. There are 204 elderly people residing at the Zejtun home.

The home has been managed by CareMalta for the last 25 years and was the first home for the elderly in Malta which the Government handed over to be run by the private sector. 140 employees work at this home.