Do not wait till summer to install an air conditioner!

Summer heat also brings along a greater demand for air condition systems. The association of air conditions importers, composed of nine importers, is facing difficulty to find qualified workers in the sector and has entered into a three-year collaboration agreement with MCAST.

The association’s president Steve Azzopardi said that the demand for air conditions has greatly increased with the importation of scores of thousands of air conditions a year. However, he complained that the Maltese tend to wait to install the system till summer arrives.

“This is one of the problems we face; for example this week we started receiving phone calls due to the heat. This entails the filling up of your order book, give appointments and start installing. July and August are too short for an appointment ’cause in three and four weeks’ time summer would be almost over”.

Mr Azzopardi maintains that early booking for air condition is not only to the benefit of clients for proper installation but also for saving money. He said that Malta’s climate and electricity variations are the major cause of damages in air condition equipment.

“ACs are today like computers with many boards; their motherboards deal with Malta’s salinity climate, rust due to the vicinity of the sea, unstable electricity or fluctuations. Today’s ACs are subject to faults, similar to computers, mobiles and fridges”, Mr Azzopardi added.

He stated that the industry lacks qualified technicians and therefore the association signed a three-year collaboration agreement with MCAST. “We sponsor students to enter these courses; we pay them minimum wage to encourage them in their studies and at the same time offer them a guaranteed jobs for three years after they end the course”.

Through the agreement, the association of ACs systems members will offer an apprenticeship to 30 MCAST students who will undergo a course for a diploma in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning.

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