Do we really appreciate our elderly persons?

Popolin program discussed the experiences of various elderly persons, the ageing issue and the positive impact that it may leave on today’s society.

The program’s guests – Charmaine Montesin, General Manager at an elderly home and Kimberly Agius Cutajar, Activities and Events Manager – stated that in a generic way people fear ageing, however fortunately the mentality is gradually changing because people are living more and their contribution to society is also increasing.

Ms Montesin stated that as a society we are aware of the importance of the elderly role in our community, “so we are creating more activities to integrate elderly persons in society and they continue to be active”.

Ms Agius remarked that, unfortunately, there are still people who do not appreciate the resource of elderly persons in the community, it is more manifested amoung younger generations. “Today’s hectic life is forcing the younger generations to spend less time with the elderly generations”.

On elderly retirement, Ms Montesin reiterated the importance that one plans for the future retirement and his elderly life so that the person will have a scope in life. Ms Agius stressed that there is a lack of awareness on the choices on retirement and referred to experiences of elderly persons who enter elderly homes with a negative attitude, thinking that they have no other alternatives. The reality is different, she added, because when a person enters a community, he or she starts a new life, with new friends and activities that assist the person to live a different new life.