Do you get acne if you eat chocolate?

This is a question which is often asked by skin specialists. Various studies have been carried out with some saying that it is true and others saying that there is no relationship between chocolate and acne

Food which is rich in carbohydrates and sugar, including soft drinks, processed bread and salty snacks are bad for skin which is susceptible to pimples.

Certain studies have shown how children who eat sweets and chocolate have less of a chance of getting pimples than those who eat junk food. Others who eat chocolate made from milk are more susceptible to pimples.

However, specialists are of the opinion that things are more complicated than that because there is a mixture of factors which can contribute to acne.

While studies will continue to be carried out, experts say that the best thing is to know how your skin reacts to chocolate. If you realise that when you eat chocolate your pimples increase, it is best to avoid it or cut down on the amount you eat.

Moderation is the best way to avoid such repercussions, something which experts say about all types of food we eat, not only for our appearance but also for our health.

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