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Do you think that solitary confinement is still needed?

Is prisoners’ solitary confinement at the Corradino Corrective Facility still necessary? The University’s Faculty for Social Wellbeing Dean, Professor Andrew Azzpardi, says that solitary confinement should be completely removed, however opinionist Malcolm Seychell says this is needed as a disciplinary means.

Prof. Azzoopardi maintains that any prisoner at the Corradino facility should be placed in solitary confinement because he says that denial of freedom is already an adequate punishment.

“Solitary confinement is a current reality in prison, that is an inmate is locked in a cell for a number for days. This is not only a decision taken by the Prison Director but it may also be a decision given by a Judge in a sentence. This situation is unacceptable”.

Prof. Azzopardi told TVM that measures should be taken to protect individuals in prison and also other methods of discipline – the use of solitary confinement should never be used.

“There are other systems to enforce discipline and ensure rehabilitation without recurring to this type of violence marked by the state…that you leave a prisoner angrier and more less rehabilitated. It appears that the sense of a revenge, more than rehabilitation, is still strong in our system”.

Opinionist Malcolm Seychell expressed a different opinion. He told TVM that solitary confinement should last a few days and therefore it is an effective means of discipline which sometimes serves the interest of inmates themselves.

“There should be a type of prison as a deterrent for prisoners who do not behave towards other prisoners and wardens…therefore to please everyone, the worst persons who committed a serious crime, even murdered innocent people…these are the persons we’re talking about…”

Sources close to Corradino prison told TVM that solitary confinement does not exist in prison, however there are circumstances where an inmate is placed under strict surveillance, including at Mount Carmel’s forensic section, for the safety and health of the prisoner himself.

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