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Do you think the Maltese have Covid fatigue?

In a few days it will be one year since the first case of Covid-19 was discovered in Malta. Have people got used to living with restrictions? Or are they experiencing Covid fatigue and have become complacent?

Faced by these questions on TVAM, Dr Paulanne Grech, explained that ‘covid fatigue’, is very normal and is even being felt in our country.  Our Covid fatigue according to Dr Grech, comes from the fact that we did not have a total lockdown, and a number of measures were introduced such as social distancing, wearing of masks, and the closure of certain establishments, which over the course of one year are leaving a negative effect on people’s daily life.

She said that we have now become used to these measures, they have become a part of our daily routine and everyone has adapted. However, she added that although people have adapted, it does not mean they are happy and have not becoming tired of this way of life.

Dr Grech said that now that it has almost been a year since the first official case, this fatigue can be seen even by the fact that people are no longer ‘interested’ in the pandemic. She pointed out that at the beginning everyone was doing a lot of research and following the news to know what they should do, and to follow the restrictions which were being introduced.

Asked how we can overcome Covid fatigue, Dr Grech said that first of all we need to study which groups are being affected the most by this pandemic.  She added that incentives need to be offered by the Government such as when it distributed the wage supplement, and a sense of community needs to be reintroduced where everyone can do activities together but at a distance.