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Does the area of Dwejra still attract the crowds?

Dwejra in Gozo was once the site of a naturally-formed window which collapsed overnight during a storm which hit the islands two and half years ago.

The renowned Azure window was an attraction which offered a unique scenario which will be remembered in thousands of photos taken by those who visited Gozo and in promotional tourism pamphlets.

Max Cauchi, who makes his living taking tourists around on a boat in the area, said that at first, the number of tourists to Dwejra dropped by half.

“Many used to come because of the sunset – the day trippers used to leave this boat road for the last part of their day to end it here by watching the sunset, but in the first few months after the window collapsed, after 4pm you could not see a single soul staying on here.”

Gradually, however tourists started coming back to Dwejra, because this place is full of other natural riches, including the beauty of the rocks as you pass through the caves from which one enters and leaves Dwejra bay, and the so-called Gozo Blue Grotto, where the orange-coloured coral grows, which turns to yellow when it is exposed to the sun.

During the 15-minute boat trip, tourists can enjoy the geology of this place, the water which is as clear as crystal and the caves, as well as the remains of the Azure window which are now underwater.

For diving enthusiasts, this place is an exciting dive site to explore.

“When you are diving what is more interesting is what is underwater and now that the window is underwater you have to discover new boulders and it’s so exciting for us divers.”

“All that remains of the arch is now down there and it fell not just like this, but it really rolled down and its shape is really a completely new landscape.”

Diver Brian Azzopardi, said that he has noticed that many visitors are now coming back to see this place.

“They have seen the difference and have tried to explore the landscape which we have now. Maybe for a diver who never came here before he won’t see any difference. But for those who used to dive here before, once they get used to the difference, they will tell you that it is better.”

He said that those who come to gaze at what used to be the Dwejra window are not of the same opinion..however even the area itself seems to be missing the window, and a new one is slowly being formed by nature itself.

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