Dog dies after ingesting drugs discarded in garden

The owner of a dog who died after ingesting drugs discarded in a garden had harsh words for the drug trafficker who was responsible.

The case occurred in Villaggio Brollo di Solaro, a province of Milan, with the dog Margot (in photo) dying after she chewed on a packet and ingested the drug.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian and a considerable amount of drugs was found in her stomach.

The dog’s owner, Dante Cattaneo, took to Facebook to condemn drug traffickers.

Cattaneo said that someone who wanted to escape dumped the drug in his garden, and the family dog died as a result. Cattaneo and his wife are parents to two children.

The owner appealed to residents in areas where trafficking is known to take place to be on the lookout and protect their animals from the actions of traffickers.

Those who reacted to the story included persons who expressed concern that the drugs could have ended up in children’s hands, with the tragedy magnified.