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Dog left free outside house attacked and killed cat – woman fears it might attack children

A woman who looks after a colony of cats at Siġġiewi is brokenhearted after an aggressive dog attacked a cat and killed it.

The woman is alleging on the social media that the dog’s owner is an elderly man who leaves the dog free outside his house without keeping him tied with a strap. She added that the man did not show any remorse after his dog bit the cat when she witnessed the dog grabbing the cat by  its tail and dragging it along as a waste bag.

Assisted by other persons, the woman said she managed to take the cat from the elderly’s hands while it was still breathing with great difficulty. She immediately took the cat to a veterinary, however the animal died due to its injuries.

The woman appealed to those knowing the person to report him to the Żebbuġ police, while expressing fear that the aggressive dog might also attack children or other dogs and cats.