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Dog riddled with gun pellets found in Zejtun

A tame but terrified dog has been found in the area of Zejtun by volunteers of the AAA.

The volunteers immediately realized that there was something wrong with the dog because it was arching its back, it was not hungry and it could not relieve itself.

From tests which were carried out, it appeared that the dog was healthy but the volunteers realized he was still very much in pain.

The vet who saw the dog decided to carry out an X-ray which revealed that his body was riddled with lead pellets, including in his spine.

The dog is currently being treated for his pain.

The Association condemned this act and asked the public to show compassion and donate for the treatment of the dog whom they have named Johan.

Whoever has any information or wishes to talk about this act of cruelty can contact the Police.

Whoever wishes to donate to help Johan may send an SMS on:
50617350 €2.33
50618060 €4.66
50618910 €6.99
50619200 €11.66
or a cheque addressed to AAA PO Box 24 Hamrun or pay using Paypal:

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