Domestic tourism to Gozo increased by 60% during pandemic

Statistical figures show that the number of tourists who visited the islands of Gozo and Comino last year was almost ninety percent of the tourists who visited Malta – a total of more than 388,200 tourists. Over the past year, the number of tourists visiting the country amounted to almost 650,000, a decrease of 76% compared to 2019.

Statistics also show that due to the pandemic, domestic tourism between Malta and Gozo increased by sixty percent.

Tourism saw an increase in the summer months between June and September last year due to the fact that a number of Maltese residents preferred to go to Gozo or Comino due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic.

The majority of Maltese who traveled to the two islands, mostly in Gozo, stayed in rental accommodation, while expenditure reached almost € 52 million, an increase of more than sixty percent compared to the year 2019.

The number of Gozitan and Comino residents who traveled to Malta during the past year was almost 12,000, a decrease of more than 45% compared to 2019.