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“Domestic violence cases decreased during the pandemic” – FSWS chief executive

During the pandemic, the Fondation for Social Welfare Services noted less cases of domestic violence.

Interviewed during TVAM programme on TVMnews+, the foundation’s chief executive Alfred Grixti said the foundation had for long noticed a decrease in the waiting list of persons with domestic violence cases.

Mr Grixti stated that the foundation analysis every month the amount of domestic violence cases, adding that during summer, cases decreased because everyone enjoyed being out and is relaxed. However, as October approaches and during feasts, cases start increasing. He said that this means that when an individual is enjoying himself and drinks, cases increase.

He stated that during the pandemic, people stayed at home and therefore cases decreased.

Mr Grixti added that two years ago, after a homicide that attracted the attention of many persons, awareness was created against domestic violence. He recalled that the number 179 is a means of assistance to whoever reports a domestic violence case.

Last August, during a visit by Minister Michael Falzon to the Għabex Emergency Centre, which welcomes female victims of domestic violence and their children, professionals had also said that they did not notice an increase in the number of persons referred to the centre during the pandemic.

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