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Domestic violence does not go away in times of crisis and pandemic

Domestic violence is a hidden scourge within society that can and does rear its head in times of crisis.

In several countries where lockdown has taken place, an increased number of domestic violence cases have been reported. Domestic Violence Commissioner has expressed concern that these extraordinary circumstances are making life more difficult for victims of domestic violence, even on account of the fact that they are finding it more difficult to report cases of abuses. However, he stressed that there are ways of doing it.

Domestic Violence Commissioner Audrey Friggieri said the situation makes life more difficult for people who are victims of domestic violence because of the likelihood that victims and aggressors would be spending more time together at home.

Commenting on TVM, Commissioner Friggieri expressed the view that in this situation, victims may feel more threatened to report and seek help.

She pointed out that the 112 service has been enhanced through a new version of the 112mt mobile app offering an efficient way to get in touch with the Police, the Armed Forces, the Department of Civil Protection and the hospital. GPS automatically indicates where such person is located so that emergency services can find the location faster.

She urged victims to ask for help and urged everyone to care for each other because there were people suffering in the silence of their homes more than ever before.

“If you hear any unusual sounds from neighbors, if you hear something or if someone brings something to your attention … we are all obliged to speak.”

While stressing the need for people to obey the health authorities’ directives to stop the Covid-19 outbreak, she said that here were people fighting a double war at home.

“There are people living with this problem. You are not just living with your family members, but also with fear, insecurity, uncertainty. This is torture for the sufferer. ”

Ms Friggieri urged aggressors who may be aware that they have a problem to seek help to control their behavior.