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Domestic violence is “society’s cancer”

Solutions for domestic violence are not easy, with Minister Helena Dalli describing it as “society’s cancer”.

During the inauguration of a new office for the Commission on Domestic Violence, Minister Dalli called for more efforts so that shamefulness is brought on who commits violence because acts of aggressors are not acts of society.

“Despite of what you politicians are doing, this is a grave reality I live every day. I am at a place where I am supposed to be protected but I am still afraid”.

These were the words uttered by a victim of domestic violence to Equality Minister Dalli on Monday evening following an incident in which the aggressor tried to assault his wife who, together with her daughter, are now provided with shelter for women of domestic violence.

“Each day we are hearing the cry of those victims, whose lives and those of their families are a hell”, the Minister said.

She spoke on the experience during the inauguration of the Commission for Domestic Violence office, saying that the aggressor in this case wanted to have the girl as he did not want to live alone at home.

The Minister added that there is also need for shelters for aggressors because they need treatment. When Malta ratified the Istanbul convention, Dr Dalli said she committed herself to provide specialized training, including to police and the judiciary.

During the occasion, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Commission and the National Statistics Office for the registering of statistics on domestic violence. The commission’s chairperson, Joe Gerada, said that Malta will also have better statistics on which to base its policy, will conform itself with the Istanbul convention and with European Commission’s established methodologies.

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