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Dominoes pairs Ira Losco with Fr Rob Galea

Collaboration between young Maltese priest Fr Rob Galea and singer Ira Losco has led to the release of a new song, Dominoes. The song, which delivers a strong message on suffering and humanity, is the first musical collaboration, but doesn’t appear to be the last, between two singers with the same nationality but living continents apart.

The Maltese priest, Fr Rob Galea, who achieved international fame through his participation in X  Factor in Australia, now has a song with Ira Losco… Dominoes.

Fr Rob explained that this collaboration started about two years ago, when he was in Malta on holiday with his family.

“I had contacted Ira to set up some sort of collaboration, to write some songs together. We continued to write songs, and then came up with Dominoes, after which we made a music video and recorded it. I recorded my music in Australia and Ira did her bit over here, and the producer in Malta put everything together and came up with this song,” Fr Rob explained.

“I enjoyed collaborating on this one. Fr Rob is a very musical person. He is also very modern in representation of the music he writes,” Ira Losco said.

Fr Rob’s latest song, Dominoes, tackles man’s suffering and the love needed by humanity. “Love together…the brokenness becomes a work of art. The mess becomes a message. This is the gist of the song.”

For Fr Rob this is not the first or last collaboration with Maltese singers. He is working on the seventh album in his musical career.

Ira Losco has likewise not excluded further collaboration between her and Fr Rob. “Music is beautiful, it is a universal language. When one collaborates with someone else, it’s like building other new things; there are no limits, no parameters.”

Fr Rob is presently writing a book about his upbringing in Malta and the story of his conversion, after what he refers to as years of adolescent rebellion. Fr Rob said a Hollywood company is working on a film script for this book and on Fr Rob’s work among youths going through difficult times.


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