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Don’t use your mobile later than two hours before bedtime

We have frequently been told that we should sleep for between seven and nine hours per day. We have heard this advice so many times, but we tend to ignore it as we often do not give enough importance to sleep, possibly as a result of the busy lifestyle which many of us lead.

According to studies within a European context, the Dutch appear to be the ones who find the least difficulty in falling asleep. The Poles and Italians, on the other hand, are the ones who encounter most problems with sleeping.

Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is linked to light and plays an important part in all this. In fact, when Melatonin is retained at a high level, we encounter problems with sleeping. In other words, what exactly can stop one from sleeping?

Among other factors, the fact that one takes one’s mobile phone to bed before sleeping. In fact, according to experts we should not use a mobile later than two hours before going to bed.

Other studies have shown that white light is not conducive to sleep, and ideally, it should be a yellowish light.

And finally, a cup of coffee or a whisky before going to bed are considered ideal. Coffee and alcohol, however, could be another reason for problems with nodding off.

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