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Dr Delia says it is unacceptable that a politician is found guilty of domestic violence

Opposition and Nationalist Party leader, Adrian Delia, said that he will not do much differently from the Government on the case of migrants who spent almost three weeks on board two NGOs vessels before being brought to Malta. He said that he agrees that Malta should observe international laws and works to bring on its side the European continent on the migrants issue, which remains a humanitarian one.

Speaking on Radju Malta during ‘Għandi xi Ngħid’ programme, Dr Delia stated that he did not enter in the  Nationalist Party in a moment of glory but because he felt the erosion of the foundations that the party had fought for in the past. He said he wants to return the Nationalist Party to the people and does not remain the elitist party of the few. He wants to continue to work, he added, to persuade does who are not yet persuaded. On the party’s debt, Dr Delia said that a 10-year plan was drafted to reduce the debt and that he is focused to implement it. He said that there are people who are in pain because year after year records were broken in fund-raising marathons, while accusing the Times of Malta paper of lying against him.

On the separation issues, the Opposition Leader said he will not speak, however declared that it is unacceptable for him of having a Leader found guilty of domestic violence. He said that God forbids that whoever has a family problem has to leave his work. Dr Delia added that these experiences assist the person to be stronger and make him more sensitive to realities that he wasn’t aware of before. He said that if he knew who was spreading videos, which he said were edited on his private life, for political advantage, he will take action against the person.

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