Dragonara invests €10 million in new facilities

The Ministry for the Economy and Industry and Dragonara Gaming Limited have signed a new agreement for a casino concession. The agreement is expected to become effective from 1 August.

This agreement was concluded following an international call for proposals, issued earlier this year by the Privatisation Unit.

Duing the concession period Dragonara Gaming Limited will be investing a total of ten million euro in new technology, systems and equipment with the aim of continuing to offer a top quality experience to its clients.

The company has been successfully running the Dragonara Casino since June 2010, after it had won an international call and acquired a licence from the Malta Gaming Authority to operate the casino.

Over the coming years the Dragonara Casino and the surrounding land will be developed and restored, and new entertainment concepts will be introduced to complement the running of the casino and for better use to be made of the potential of the Dragonara Peninsula.