Dream Green – meet the team who want to set up the first green school in Malta

A group of people ran and walked on Sunday morning while collecting rubbish they came across along the road in the areas of Pembroke and St Julian’s. The initiative is being pursued by a group of young people who are working to make a dream come true by setting up the first green school in Malta.

The entrepreneur Pierre Azzopardi, his partners and a group of collaborators started working to have a school in Malta dedicated to the protection of the environment aimed at making the environment in Malta more beautiful and more sustainable.

Mr Azzopardi said that they also obtained a voluntary association license as Greenmalta.org. Their plan is to eventually open a green school in Malta where they will give children an opportunity to learn more about the environment, sustainability, agriculture and how to grow vegetables differently, among others initiatives.

During the day, Pierre and his team took part in a clean-up operation around Pembroke and St Julian’s. . . by running or walking and collecting any waste they encounter along the way.

Pierre, who inherited his grandfather’s passion for farming, said he already has a piece of land where he hopes to run the school, to raise awareness among younger generations about the environment around them.

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