Drones instrumental for updating Malta-Gozo map

The Planning Authority is updating the map of Malta and Gozo through a new technology system which uses drones.

Through the system, the Authority keeps the map updated with the changes carried out in buildings, roads and environmental areas around Malta and Gozo.

This technology tool is being used to assist various entities to acquire more detailed and realistic information about the Maltese islands.

The PA project consisting of a more detailed and new map of the Maltese Islands is a €7 million investment with European funds.

Omar Hili, who is responsible for the technology used in the project, said that the drones take clearer pictures of landscapes while lands and the buildings are then analysed.

“The drones are a more accessible technology; we can fly more frequently to collect the information. Basically, from the data collected by the drones we build a 3D model and compare the difference with the 2018 base model. This assists us to carry out the updatings on the basemap”.

After pictures are taken by the drones, the team of Antonello Rizzo Naudi will take over the development of the detailed map as they contain more information on the islands’ landscaping.

“The information is built to identify a part of a road, if it is a building or a terrain, even if it is artificial land. Then there is the type of building, a quay, a reservoir or a field”.

Mr Rizzo Naudi said that the new basemap also provides the height of a building from sea level and is continuously updated. It can be used by various entities and can be accessed from the Planning Authority geoserver.