Drug trafficker apprehended through Whatsapp photo

In the United Kingdom, a drug trafficker was apprehended by the Police through a Whatsapp photo – a case which is being considered as a first of its kind.

Following a police raid at a residence in Wales where drugs were being sold, a mobile was found containing messages on Whatsapp related to drug trafficking.

In one of the messages a quantity of drugs is seen on the trafficker’s hand palm, sent to the buyers to promote his drug sale.

Ir-ritratt li bih inqabad it-traffikant tad-droga

Although the photo only showed little parts of the fingers, other evidence led the police to find the man after his fingerprints matched those in the photograph.

The Welsh forensic department chief told journalists that the case opened new possibilities and hope on unsolved cases, with investigators sending pictures showing parts of hands to be analyzed by forensic experts.

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