Drug use has not gone down during pandemic – educational campaign to be launched

In the near future the Government will be launching a campaign against drug use among young people and adolescents. The campaign is aimed at parents and educators so that they can spot when adolescents are abusing drugs.

Various studies show that drug use has not decreased during the pandemici. Therefore the Government has felt the need to prepare a strategy to design an educational plan addressed mostly towards adolescents for them to understand why they should not touch drugs.  The campaign entitled “We are here to help you, not judge you” is also aimed at parents and educators to recognise the first signs of drug abuse so that help can be given as quickly as possible.

“Three messages which I wish to convey is that we are not here to judge, as no one has the right to judge others, secondly is that it is important to reach out rand realise that our help is needed, and finally we want people who have this issue to know that the fact that one seeks help does not mean one is weak or has given up, but it means that you are brave enough to come forward so that we can overcome this challenge together, ” said Minister Michael Falzon.

Parliamentary Secretary Alex Muscat said that the campaign against drug use and illicit substances will cost €90,000 which will be funded by the Malta Community Agency.

“This agency is responsible for all the citizens in our country and is financing this campaign against addictions. We have not had such a campaign in a long time in our country and we believe that this is the reason we created the Malta Community Agency. On the one hand we are bringing in foreign investments to sustain the economy but we need to see that the wealth generated also goes towards these campaigns which we believe in.”

The campaign will be transmitted on all means of communication, but especially on social media, with the collaboration of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, Aġenzija Sedqa, the Addictions Advisory Board and Caritas Malta.