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Drugs including cannabis should not be presented as recreational – Julia Farrugia Portelli

Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli stated that it will be a mistake if cannabis is presented as a substance which may be used for recreational use. Speaking during Ras imb Ras programme, she referred to the action that the Government will carry out in the coming weeks to show children, from early years, the consequences of drug use.

Farrugia Portelli also announced that a technical committee on gender balance in Parliament will meet for the first time at the end of September with the aim of introducing amendments in the legislation in the next legislature.

“I disagree with the word recreational cannabis; in my opinion it was a mistake in the wording of the Labour Party electoral programme. I disagree with it.”

Ms Farrugia Portelli repeatedly maintained during Ras imb Ras programme that drugs, including cannabis, should never be presented as a substance which is not harmful and can be consumed for pleasure.

“The minute we take this road, we are losing the argument in the fight against drugs and we lose the argument that our children will be achievers.”

This is why greater emphasis should be made with children at school on the damage done by any type of drugs.

On a more balanced representation in Parliament things are moving well. After the nomination by the Opposition leader of two representatives in the technical committee, this will meet for the first time later this month to study the proposals.

“We are saying that this will be introduced from the next election; nothing will be changed now in this legislature”. She added that “currently we have to change a number of things. We shouldn’t wait for the next election to change and improve the way we work in Parliament”.

On human trafficking, Parliamentary Secretary Farrugia Portelli announced that the Government will establish an enforcement section to implement action against companies that irregularly employ persons or do not honour labour legislation. Through Identity Malta, she said that foreign workers will be informed about their rights, adding that companies that abuse will face the consequences.

Ras imb ras is transmitted every Wednesday at 7pm. From the 30th September, the programme will be transmitted daily from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm.

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