Drummer from The Travellers to offer unique opportunity to young drummers

Children who aspire to become drummers will have the chance to take part in a unique concert with the name Tisbit. This is the brainchild of established Gozitan musician Michael Camilleri.

Tisbit will be serving as a platform for young drummers who wish to join choir members from Schola Cantorum Jubilate to showcase  their musical talents in a concert which will take place at the beginning of next month at the Ċittadella in Gozo.

Camilleri, who forms part of the National Philharmonic Orchestra and is also the drummer for the Gozitan band The Travellers, will give 5 Gozitan and 6 Maltese drummers the chance to improve their talents. This idea has been brewing in his mind for a while.

“20 years ago when I started playing the drums, there were no opportunities to learn in Gozo let alone anywhere I could show my abilities. This project began from there. Tisbit will be a new platform for young percussionists and Gozitan children in which they can collaborate with other young people and children from Gozo. We will also collaborate with student drummers from Malta.”

Tisbit will be bringing the musicians together with young singers, as 25 children from Schola Cantorum Jubilate will also be taking part, as explained by the director of this Gozitan choir, Marouska Attard.

“The most important thing is that we are working with different collaborations. This is the first time the children’s choir is working with percussionists who are also students. In other words, this platform will give them a brand new experience.  The children are excited but at the same time they know they need to work to keep the level as professional as possible while still having fun.”

Tisbit, will take place on 3 September at Pjazza tal-Katidral, in Ċittadella, Gozo and will be organised with the help of the Cultural Council within the Gozitan Ministry.