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E-tendering system for government tenders

The public service will facilitate the process for the electronic tendering system which will save applicants both time and money. The procedure was explained to government officials and to potential applicants who submit bids for government tenders.

By way of a “Single European Procurement System”, the Public Service will simplify administrative processes for hundreds of thousands of tenders for the purchase of goods and services required by the Government. As a result of this system, those applying for tender offers issued by the Department of Contracts can do so with far greater ease. Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar said that by investing in information technology, the Public Service has been rendered more efficient and transparent.

Mario Cutajar said “We are speaking about tenders and other purchases: the person submitting the tender enters the information once and this is henceforth passed on, unless of course it is changed”.

He said that the system had many advantages, among these saving applicants time and money – applicants will no longer need to run around collecting documents from other departments. This will be taken care of by the Department of Contracts as a result of new technology.

Cutajar also spoke about “the system covering back office. This effectively means that you will no longer need to trouble yourself with any certificates which may need to be attached to your tender These will be automatically provided by the Inland Revenue Department and other departments as the need arises.”

Finally Cutajar said that this system will open yet another door for those who may wish to apply for tenders within the European Union because it will provide all the necessary information.

The Finance Minister, Edward Scicluna said that the Department of Contracts processes thousands of contracts. Last year the number is said to have reached almost € 440 million.

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