€1.5 million from Citizenship by Investment Programme allocated for two Caritas projects

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the funds from the Citizenship by Investment Programme go further than simply providing financial aid in moments of a national emergency. In a visit to the offices which administer the programme Dr Abela stressed the importance of the programme for the economic and social development of the country.

He mentioned the National Fund for Social Development which incorporates 70% of the Government’s income from the Investment Programme, and which will provide €1,500,000 for two Caritas’ projects. He said that in this way the Government is helping those who are most in need in society. The PM remarked that the Government has always worked for the programme to continue to be transparent, to. be adequately scrutinised and for the funds to be used for the country to move forward.

The director of Caritas, Anthony Gatt, said that this allocation of funds will go towards helping to carry out a long-awaited project: A community centre in a building  which belonged to the Curia in Blata l-Bajda and the refurbishment of residences. belonging to Caritas which offer drug rehab services.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities,  Alex Muscat, said that during this year €63.8 million were generated thanks to this programme, by means of which NGOs such as Caritas are being helped in recognition of the support they give to society.