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€10 million to modernise health centres and clinics

The National Social and Development Fund, which administers 70% of the funds which the Government receives from the Citizenship with Investment Programme, will dedicate €10 million for the modernisation of health centres and clinics.

An agreement was signed by the Fund’s chief executive, Raymond Andrew Ellul and the Primary Health Care department chief executive, Rosanne Camilleri, during a short ceremony outside the Gżira health centre.

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister, Chris Fearne, said that the first tender of €1.5 million has been issued for the modernisation of the Gżira health centre, which he said has urgent needs. He said that the investment will further strengthen the community care.

Dr Fearne added that upgrading will be carried out in all health centres, through these funds, except for Kirkop and Paola. He said the new Kirkop centre will be the model on the level that the rest of health centres will achieve, while the Paola centre is being built as a regional health centre, instead of the health centre.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the Government is further upgrading the health sector level, which is already among the best 10 health services in the world. Dr Muscat said that with the investment, the Government is pursuing the Auditor General’s and European Commission’s recommendation to reduce pressure on services at Mater Dei.

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