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€100 monthly rent for Gozitans studying in Malta

The Gozo Diocese, together with two religious orders, has embarked on a subsidised project to provide two hostels for Gozitan students who are studying in Malta.

This follows concerns raised about the plight of students regarding accommodation, because of the increase in rental costs. A hostel in Gzira will be provising accommodation for seven female students, and another hostel in Guardamangia will be accommodating eight male students.

Between October and June the rental for these accommodations will be 100 euro per month for Gozitan students. The rent will not, however, cover internet service, water and electricity, gas and cleaning services.

Every Gozitan student is eligible to apply for a place in these hostels, but the Diocese will be giving preference to those most in need. Criteria to be followed by a Selection Board are to be published. The Board is made up of the Diocese administrative secretary Victor Gusman, Dr Joe Azzopardi, Mr Richard Matrenza and a member of the GUG.

One can apply for a place either online or at the Curia reception. Applications are to be sent to the administrative Secretary, Bishop’s Curia, Republic Street, Rabat, Gozo by not later than 22 September. The successful applicants will be notified by 26 September. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Curia on 2155 1211 or by visiting the Curia office between 8.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.

The GUG has expressed its gratitude to the Diocese and to all involved in this initiative, which it described as a noble gesture.