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€10m investment by BMIT – new data centre in limits of Zejtun

A Maltese company which has a presence in Italy and Germany has invested €10 million to build a new data centre in the limits of Zejtun.

Right now the company which employs 65 people has data centres in Qormi and SmartCity through which it provides technological systems which are crucial to many businesses which operate online.

Many companies based in Malta – especially in the fields of gaming and financial services – depend on strong IT systems which provide peace of mind.

For competitivity and the success of the same business, client information needs to be stored in servers or safe systems where it can easily be accessed by people who have a right to do so.   Companies often choose that instead of storing the information in their own building, they store it or have it processed through what are known as data centres, as explained by BMIT IT expert,  Sean Cohen.

“This is a place which is dedicated to companies who want to store their IT infrastructure. Here we operate more than one data centre, this is one of them in which we have clients who can have their servers hosted with us and we also offer them the possibility of managing their infrastructure.”

In Malta, one of the largest operators in this field is BMIT which started 20 years ago and today employs 65 employees. The company has centres in Tal-Ħandaq, Smart City as well as a presence in Milan and Frankfurt which are connected by fast Internet and are distinct from other Internet systems.

“The business of our clients is completely online so the idea of being without Internet even for a few minutes is a problem.”

The demand for these type of services is increasing so much that the company is carrying out a 10 million Euro investment in another data centre in the limits of Zejtun which should be opened next year.  This centre will have the highest certification and more than 400 racks where they can store servers and IT systems.


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