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€15m Enemed investment at airport – new plant for aircraft fuel storage inaugurated

Prime Minister Robert Abela has inaugurated a new plant at the airport for storage of aircraft fuel. The project, carried out through a 15 million euro investment by Enemed, does not just cater to today’s airport needs but has been planned to cater to the ever-growing demand for work in the aviation industry.

The Prime Minister stated that the new plant shows the Government’s commitment to continue to modernise the country’s infrastructure. Dr Abela added that a result of this project, the underground fuel storage under Wied Dalam will be shut down once and for all. This, in turn, will give breathing space to residents of Birżebbuġa and the South.

Enemed Chairman and Chief Executive Kevin Chircop explained that the need for this project had been felt for years, particularly with the increase in aircraft movements to and from Malta. Mr Chircop added that with the 8 km of a new pipeline which has been installed, the need to use the underground storage at Wied Dalam has ben eliminated.

Energy and Water Management Minister Michael Farrugia said the project reflects a leap in quality for the aviation industry and in development of state of the art technology, from which the whole country is benefiting.