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€200,000 from Norwegian Fund for training of Executive Secretaries of Local Councils in good governance and transparency

As a result of funds from Norway, the Executive Secretaries of Local Councils have been given training in the principles of good governance, transparency and accountability.

Parliamentary Secretaries Aaron Farrugia and Silvio Parnis said that €200,000 had been allocated for this training. PS Farrugia said the Government had negotiated with Norway on various sectors that included this funding.

Dr Aaron Farrugia said the Norwegian Fund is meant to cover poverty and social inclusion but agreement had been reached with the Norwegian Government that part of the fund be devoted to Local Councils on the themes of good governance and accountability. Today’s agenda covered accountability and it is expected this will enable the inclusion of all sectors of the community not only in Malta but on a European level.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis said that in reforms for Local Councils the Government has given importance to the roles of Executive Secretaries. He said these are responsible to ensure that all that takes place conforms to legalities and according to budget. The training is planned for all Executive Secretaries to improve their skills.

Parnis said that Executive Secretaries have an important role in the management of Local Councils and as one of the measures the Government had implemented they be in full time employment. That means they have to be there all day to ensure they are aware of all that is happening in their locality. He said that now almost all Councils have full-time Executive Secretaries while the most important thing is their training.

He said the training is in line with the Norwegian Fund programme because the Government wants good governance in Local Councils, a factor that befits the community.

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