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€21m project for heavy waste management

Work has started at Ħal Far on the building of a waste management plant. Environment Minister Jose’ Herrera said that the €21 million project should be completed within two years and will reduce tons of waste from the landfill, while contributing to environment and the circular economy.

The Ħal Far project, co-financed by European funds, will process Bulky Waste, Electronic Waste, Wood, Tyres, Polystyrene, Gypsum, Mattresses and other material, instead of ending up at the landfill. On an area of seven acres, the multi-material recovery facility will be instrumental for the better utilisation of the landfill space.

Minister Jose’ Herrera said that the plant will start operating in 2021 and forms part of the waste management strategy. “This is an infrastructural investment with a huge building with underground facilities to separate this material that will be exported for recycling”.

Wasteserv chairman, David Borg, said that waste taken at the plant will be processed and separated for recycling. “We linked everything together to treat the material at this plant and instead of dumping huge tons of this waste at the landfill, we will treat and recycling it”.

Dr Herrera stated that the plant is part of a chain of projects being carried out to treat waste and reduce environmental damage. He said that the private sector will be given further incentives to work with Wasteserv so that the circular economy ensures that more waste is treated and, where possible, the material is reused.

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