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€22,000 collected by Maltese missionary for the poor affected by the Coronavirus in Pakistan

At a time when everyone is in the same situation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Maltese people are not only showing solidarity with each other but also with people whom they do not know, who are over 5000 kms away.

Two days ago, Fr Karm Debattista who works with the missions in Pakistan, made an appeal on social media to send donations to buy groceries for the poor in Pakistan and has collected more than €22,000.

As happened in many other countries, many restrictions on people’s movements have been introduced, leading to alarming consequences for the poorest of the poor, who have lost their jobs and ended up with nothing because they have no income, as explained by Fr Karm Debattista from the St Paul’s Missionary Society located in Pakistan.

“In fact, they have been on lockdown for a while, which means these people are in dire need of money and food, and we wanted to help them. The first thing we did is, when the Government offered financial aid by applying online, we opened our school and began applying for the aid for the poor by using our computers.”

Last Sunday Fr Karm made an appeal on Facebook for donations, pointing out that the poor in Pakistan are not dying from the virus but from hunger. He said that in less than 48 hours, he had collected more than €22,000 and used them to buy grocery supplies for those most in need.

“I would like to thank everyone for their generosity and their help which has always been there. I always knew it existed but I never imagined this would be done within a few hours. I assure you that this help will be bear fruit for these people who are passing through such a difficult time.”

In Pakistan, to date there are 4000 positive cases of Covid-19 while 55 people have died.