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€31,600 compensation to woman who resigned after she was downgraded at work

A woman, who resigned from work after her role in the company was changed, will be awarded €31,600 in compensation after the Industrial Tribunal decided in favour of her complaint.

Doreen Saliba filed the case in the tribunal against Foster Clark Products Limited.

Saliba started working with the company in 2014 as a part-time cleaner, and following two promotions, she started occuping the role of Housekeeping Leading Hand. However, in 2018, she was informed that her role will be changed to cleaner – a decision which she regarded as humiliating and subsequently resigned.

The company insisted that her resignation was voluntary and that no dismissal or forced resignation occurred, and that she worked the notice period after informing the company with the resignation.

Before filing the case, Saliba requested the GWU to intervene and an agreement was reached with the company so that the woman is compensated with €12,000, however the woman refused the sum.

The Industrial Tribunal chairman Joseph Gerada remarked that the reality in this case is that Saliba was demoted and the numenclature of Lead Cleaner no longer made sense. He added that when a management takes back the responsibility and authority of a worker, it is sending a negative message on the contribution, relevance and value of the worker.

Mr Gerada concluded that the management action amounted to a fundamental breach of the contract of work conditions and ordered the company to compensate the worker within six weeks.