€50,000 investment in higher safety standards in taxi industry

ECabs has estimated that during this period, where work and travel have fallen sharply, it will invest around € 50,000 in strengthening technology, training drivers and drawing up a charter for passengers according to international standards.

Matthew Bezzina, director of the company, said this document contains clear guidelines on the obligations and responsibilities of drivers and passengers before and during a car journey.

“We believe that in order for the industry in which we operate to continue to grow sustainably, there must be a balance and mutual respect between driver and passenger,” said Matthew Bezzina. He stressed that the pandemic offered an opportunity to ensure that service and security practices were of the highest standard.

Among other things, the responsibilities of passengers during a journey include that of not asking the driver to drive at excessive speed or to speak or act in a distracting manner. On the other hand, the driver is obliged to wear the Transport Malta tag at all times, be on time, to drive carefully and respect traffic rules at all times.

Pierre Vella from the Road Safety Council said that they were supporting this initiative and hoped that all partners in the sector will become more aware of the importance of safety and move in this direction.

In recent days Transport Malta has announced new regulations for passenger transport services with small vehicles aimed inter alia at a change in culture and for drivers to stop using their private car for every car journey.