€510,000 for SOS Malta for Kellimni.com to be available round-the-clock

The Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity has signed an agreement with SOS Malta through which the latter will be given over half a million euro over a three-year period to enable the Kellimni.com service, which provides supports for children, youths and adolescents, to be available on a 24/7 basis.

Family and Social Solidarity Minister Michael Farrugia said the Kellimni.com service was only started five years ago, and Government had accepted a request by SOS Malta for the service, which helps children, youths and adolescents who may be experiencing problems, to be available at all times with the support of professionals and professionally trained volunteers.

The service, which is provided jointly by Agenzija Appogg, Agenzija Zghazagh and the Salesians of Don Bosco, had been utilised by over 10,000 persons up to last year. Claudia Taylor East, who runs SOS Malta, explained that there were only three other similar services throughout the world, and this placed Malta in the forefront in offering psychological and emotional support for children, adolescents and youths through digital means. Mrs Taylor East explained that Canada, which also offers a similar service through digital means, will continue to offer support to enable Malta to be constantly updated with digital advances.

Kellimni.com is an app which can be downloaded at no charge on to mobiles, tablets and laptops, and children, adolescents and youths can use it to communicate with professionals if they feel like opening up on some particular problem. Asked by  tvm.com.mt which particular problems children and youths spoke about mostly, Mrs Taylor East said these were generally problems of a family nature, school problems including bullying, and other social challenges.