€5m in EU funds toward marine life research project in fisheries sector

Aimed at providing a clearer picture of the fish species that live in Maltese waters, a survey has recently been carried out on fish and marine life. This survey is expected to allow the entities concerned, to draw up better policies for the fisheries sector.

In the last two weeks, The Mediterranean International Trawl Survey was conducted, which according to the Director of Fisheries, Alicia Said, has better analyzed the types of fish, in particular the size and the weight of the species that live in Maltese waters.

Alicia Said: “the Mediterranean International Trawl Survey in which we are studying bottom fish, or demersal fish, which exist both within 25 miles and beyond, so that we can better study the types of fish, their abundance, to be able to release statistics to better shape the policies we issue for the fisheries sector. ”

The Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Anton Refalo, said that information on research of fish at the bottom of Maltese waters would enable Malta to send this information to other European fora.

Dr Anton Refalo: “to move forward and have a sustainable sector you need to carry out research so that you know where you are heading both at the level of innovation, and also to make the sector stronger.”

The Parliamentary Secretary responsible for European funds, Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, said that European funds were needed in every sector and said that in the field of fisheries there was also a need for research.

Dr Zrinzo Azzopardi said “in fact around 5 million euros will be invested for the entire research project which is important to better understand what the needs of this sector are and the realities that face all those involved in this sector because we must ultimately see to it that all the necessary investment and protection is made to give this sector all the help it needs. ”

This research was carried out with five million Euro in European funding.