€6,000 for Gozo companies creating new jobs with minimum three-year contract

Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri has announced the extension to the end of the year of the Gozo Employment Refund Scheme.

The main aim of this scheme, one of the main measures in the budget, is to spur the creation of sustainable jobs in Gozo on a full-time basis.

Minister Camilleri stated that enterprises and companies in Gozo creating new jobs with a minimum three-year contract will benefit from a salary refund up to a maximum of 6,000 euro over a three-year period.

Whilst supporting sustainable employment, 50% of the refund will be given in the third year in order to ensure long-term employment.

Minister Camilleri said that this scheme is implemented on an annual basis, adding that over 400 applications had been accepted during the past three years.

The Minister referred to the latest employment statistics and mentioned that in June alone there were only 136 persons registering for work.

The Tourism and Economic Development Director within the Gozo Ministry Ronald Sultana stated that companies that had generated jobs in Gozo since 1 January 2020 were eligible to submit applications.

This is on condition the same employee/s would still be engaged with the same company without any period of termination of employment.

Conditions include employees being given an indefinite contract of work or one for a minimum number of years.

For additional information, one can contact the Directorate for Tourism and Economic Development at the Gozo Ministry, which administers this scheme, on [email protected] or by telephone on  2210 0285.