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€7 million investment for MCAST to strengthen apprenticeship program

An investment of seven million will see MCAST strengthen its apprenticeship program.

The industry, through the Chamber of Commerce, will contribute to the scheme that focuses on learning at the workplace.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, David Xuereb said that this scheme will address the gap between the needs of the industry and the preparation of students. He said the industry was concerned with this evergrowing gap.

Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo referred to statistics provided that more than half of university students and 40% of MCAST students work while studying. He observed that the work they did was not necessarily connected to their studies. According to the Minister the time to credit the work of students even unrelated to what they were studying.

The minister said that 60% of students in secondary school had chosen vocational and applied subjects.

The learning scheme at work is financed by the European Social Fund. Secretary of the European Funds Aaron Farrugia said that during negotiations for EU funding for the coming years, Malta was focussing more on this fund whereas in the past five years the focus was more on ERDF funds for infrastructure projects.