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€72 million in free childcare for 16,700 boys and girls

Over a five-year span Government has forked out over 72 million euro for the free childcare service for more than 16,700 boys and girls, these being the sons and daughters or working parents or those who are following some course.

This information was given by Education Minister Evarist Bartolo during the inauguration of a new childcare centre which will be welcoming 100 boys and girls.

Claudia and David Aloisio did not have plans to send their daughter Nina to childcare. Today, however, they are of the opinion there has been a change for the better in the way their daughter is absorbing knowledge and socialising with other children.

Claudia, herself a teacher, stated that what is happening in childcare complements children’s home upbringing.

“Initially, I had my doubts; one goes to work and is hoping that one’s child is in good hands. I cried with her, and she cried just once… then I realised my daughter was having fun and taking part in activities. When we take her to the centre in the morning, she runs up to the carers.”

David added that the balance between life and work is crucial, and childcare facilitates this process because the parents can rest assured their children are being given the best possible attention by professionals in a suitable environment.

“She has learnt more at the childcare centre on different levels, even with speech and performance abilities…”

During the inauguration of the Dawra Durella childcare centre in Naxxar, Minister Bartolo pointed out that the centres will not replace the parents, but studies confirm the children reap benefits from them. The Minister reminded that the majority of parents who leave their children at these centres do not pay because they benefit from Government schemes for free childcare.

Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Aaron Farrugia said Government is helping through European funds those who intend investing in equipment for childcare centres.

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