€80 million in Covid-19 wage supplements

By the end of the month, Malta Enterprise will have forked out € 80 million to supplement the wages of workers whose work was affected as a result of the pandemic. This, in line with the package of measures announced by the Government aimed at mitigating the consequences of the pandemic on enterprises and workers.

During the last economic bulletin on financial aid schemes, the Minister for the Economy, Silvio Schembri, announced that in the coming days the Government would launch a package of economic measures to stimulate the economy.

More than 77,000 private sector workers had received a wage supplement from Malta Enterprise entitling them to stay on their employer’s workbooks. In the last ten weeks since the Government had launched financial aid packages for businesses, Malta Enterprise has shelled out € 55 million in order that these workers do not lose their jobs.

Payments were made pursuant to Malta Enterprise receiving more than 20,000 applications from businesses and the self-employed. More than 1,000 applications have been challenged. Payments amount to a maximum of € 800 per month as a wage supplement for full-time workers and up to € 500 for part-time workers.

In the latest update on aid schemes, the Minister for the Economy, Silvio Schembri, said that by the end of May, Malta Enterpise will have distributed more than € 80 million in aid to workers in various areas in the private sector.

He pointed out that these schemes have helped save jobs. He said that in the coming days, the Government would announce a package of measures to stimulate the economy to get back on its feet.

In addition, the Department of Social Security has issued more than € 11.7 million in social benefits for private sector workers who have been unable to work or who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In a statement, the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity said that per capita, beneficiaries had received an average of € 1,446 in financial aid. The largest number of beneficiaries are parents who have had to stop working to care for their children.

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