€900 fine for two British girls who travelled to Malta with the virus and with false Covid certificates

Kienna Leah Lily Barns and Victoria Chidiebere Ajudia, two British girls aged 21 and 23 years respectively, have each been fined 900 euro after being found guilty of travelling to Malta with a false Covid test certificate.

The Prosecution stated that when the girls arrived in Malta from the UK on 22 July, the authorities noted that their certificates were showing false information.

After swab tests were carried out, it resulted that both were positive for Covid.

Looking crestfallen in the Courtroom, the girls apologised and said they regretted their behaviour.

Their lawyer stated that whilst they should not have travelled with a false certificate, both girls realised they had endangered their health and that of others, and they paid for their expenses in Malta even when in quarantine.

They were also prohibited from travelling to Malta or to any European Union country for a three-year period.