Education and career options after O Level results

Now that O level results are out, many students are seeking advice on potential future careers. These advisory services are being offered by Junior College which is also offering advice to students who did not pass all their examinations.

These are also crucial days for students who have just completed secondary school. With O level results having been issued earlier this week, there are students who have a clear idea of ​​what career paths they want to take and what topics they will choose at post-secondary level . But there are also students who are still undecided about what to do next. Student adviser on career counseling, Giosue’ Pianciamore, has explained that this is precisely why Junior College provides career counselling.

“At the moment there are one to one sessions in guidance counselling. Students that have the criteria for entry can come here alone or with their parents to discuss their options. Students may have certain skills and abilities: for instance an aptitude for languages, or for the sciences. When we sit down with students these things come to the fore: if a student is more science-oriented it is good for him to consider taking sciences but he must also look at what University courses are on offer. I.e. before making his final decision he must see that the combination of subjects he has chosen opens all doors necessary to secure him a place at the University of Malta. ”

Giosue’ Pianciamore explained that these career guidance services are also open to students who have not passed all their O Levels. He stressed that these students should still apply for admission to Junior College.

“It is important for them to make the final effort to get the O Levels they have not managed to get. Applications are open from the 1st August onwards and this applies to students who have got all their O Levels and even to those who may need to resit some O levels which they will eventually get in September. ”

Mr Pianciamore explained that guidance services at Junior College were not limited to academia or career prospects but also provided counseling to students who are experiencing difficulty in school and/ or personal problems.

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