Education Minister appeals for flexibility until Skolasajf starts

The Minister of Education, Owen Bonnici, said that with the re-opening of child care centres a balance will be found between the protection of children’s health and the operation of these centres. Dr Bonnici said he was ready to consider ideas for this transition period to minimise the effects on educators, parents and children.

Minister Bonnici expressed his appreciation for the dedication of educators during the pandemic so that learning could continue using the Internet.

Speaking at a press conference during which the Teachers’ Union launched the Sagħtar Foundation to strengthen the professional aspect of the union with various projects including publications, training and activities in connection with the teaching profession, Minister Bonnici said that they are in a period of transition.

“If schools were open we would be on half days, so from 1 June they will be on half days. Essentially we only have a few more days until the scholastic year finishes, and I am ready to consider all suggestions.”

Asked what parents with children who have to go back to work will do once schools are still closed and childcare centres only accept small children, Minister Bonnici said he was confident that with goodwill, there will be flexibility until Skola Sajf starts again on 1 July.

“I have no doubt that we will pass through a period of transition, for example, I know many people who will finally be able to enjoy their grandchildren.”

Speaking about the Sagħtar Foundation, The Vice-President of the MUT, and the Chairperson of the Foundation, Elaine Germani, said that an integral part of their work will be the publication and distribution of educational material for educators and students. Among these publications will be the magazine ‘Sagħtar’.

It said that after publishing past editions of the magazine online, with some of the articles uploaded as audio files, the MUT is working to republish the magazine starting from the next scholastic year, with the prominent use of the digital format, which will appeal to students and which will lead to information, learning and entertainment being presented in an attractive way.

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