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Education Minister reacts to petition calling for air conditioning in schools

Numerous parents of children attending State schools are signing a petition calling for the schools to be air conditioned.

TVM spoke with Education Minister Evarist Bartolo about this issue.

Minister Bartolo stated that the change in climate is the subject of a discussion in schools worldwide. The Minister added that when the schools had been built, this problem of high temperatures had not been so serious. One has to see how to mitigate the problem, Minister Bartolo added, but one cannot think only in terms of a magical solution through air conditioning.

The Minister further stated that in the case of new schools or in instances where school buildings are being refurbished, the electricity system is being boosted in order to offer this service.

Minister Bartolo reiterated that one cannot stop here; rather, one should look into other elements which will help to reduce heat in schools, including through the introduction of trees and plants.

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